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  • FLSA Liquidated Damages in Retaliation Cases should be mandatory as expressed in the Act

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  • In a Florida Probate matter, what is a Formal Administration?

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  • In Florida, what are the non probate assets?

  • In Florida, what does it mean when personal property is disposed without administration

  • I am a United States Employer and wish to bring a friend from Mexico to work here

  • I was cited with a driving violation in my car accident and I was injured and it really was not my fault

  • When is it the appropriate time to file for personal bankruptcy

  • what is the employer’s obligation to make the FMLA known to the employee and offer such FMLA leave to the employee.

  • Esplicacion de la visa para los que son victimas de un crimen de violencia

  • La Ciudadania Americana

  • What is an employee’s right of expectation of privacy when utilizing his employer-provided computer to conduct e-mail communications with other persons who are not employees, and also non-business related communications with co-workers?

  • A brief legal analysis from a motion opposing bifurcation of a case