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I am being paid peanuts, what is the minimum wage in Florida

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What is the minimum wage in Florida?

The minimum wage in Florida is $7.25 per hour. Minimum wage is calculated on a week by week basis, meaning, that if in one hour you are paid $5 and the next hour you are paid $10, all within the same week, then your hourly rate gets averaged out.

Additionally, there are other exceptions such as tip credits for tipped employees, and certain types of independent contractors which are exempt from the minimum wage of $7.25. Although the law is very basic on its face, there are many intricacies which necessitate you seeking proper legal advice from an attorney that is certified in the specialty of employment law.

This law is codified by Florida Statute Chapter 448, under the Florida Minimum Wage Act. In order to pursue your rights under the Florida Minimum wage laws, you must provide a 15 day notice demand letter to your employer prior to being able to sue. This permits employers to correct any violations. If they do not correct the violation and if your rights are being violated, then you can sue your employer for your monies owed and recover other type of damages including attorney fees and costs. Most lawyers, including the Boca Raton Legal Team, take these types of cases on contingency - meaning, at no cost to you unless we prevail or recover monies for you.

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Attorney: Maurice Arcadier
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Date Filed: September 19, 2012