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What is summary administration in Florida? What are the minimum criterias

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What is summary administration?

Summary administration is one of the proceedings used to probate a deceased personís estate. Summary administration is a simpler, more streamlined procedure than formal administration and generally more cost effective. In order to qualify for summary administration, one of the following situations must apply: 1) the value of the deceased personís estate (not including exempt property) is $75,000 or less; or 2) the deceased person has been dead for more than two years. If the deceased personís will required formal administration, then summary administration cannot be used. The typical summary administration proceeding takes 3-4 months. If the proceeding is contested or other unusual circumstances arise, then the proceeding can last longer. A probate attorney can tell you if a summary administration proceeding can be used in your particular situation.

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Attorney: Eve Travis
Status: Answered
Date Filed: September 25, 2012