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In Florida, what does it mean when personal property is disposed without administration

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What is "Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration?"

Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration is a way to obtain property from the estate of the deceased without having to open a Formal or Summary Administration proceeding. Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration costs less and is much quicker than either Formal or summary Administration. This type of proceeding can only be used in limited situations. For example, where the deceased person only had exempt personal property (as described in Florida Statute 732.402), personal property exempt from the claims of creditors under the Constitution of Florida, and nonexempt personal property the value of which does not exceed the sum of the amount of preferred funeral expenses and reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses of the last 60 days of the last illness.

A person can usually use this type of administration to recover funeral expenses they paid on behalf of the deceased person (up to $6,000.00). This type of administration cannot be used when the deceased owned any real property. In that case, you would need to open a Formal Administration.

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Attorney: Eve Travis
Status: Responded
Date Filed: September 25, 2012